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Some might suggest it's an unhealthy obsession, but we'd say they're wrong. First, it's not an obsession, it's an appreciation. Second, how can something this fun be bad for you? Seriously, it's Disney –ᅠ more specifically Disney World – the Happiest Place on Earth! The place where fantasy and reality intertwine. Where a wish and a dream becomes possible, and where you never have to grow up! Disney - a place where Family means fun.

We've been coming here as a family since October 2004, making memories and (as you can see with Karen in pigtails) recording as much as possible for those proper ocassions where a cute, allbeit, embarassing photo is needed. We've become engaged here, celebrated becoming a family, introduced two new brothers to Disney and have maintained our knowledge and love of what Disney means to us. Family • Friends • Good Memories.


Enjoy a few of our favorite memories below as we look back on our Disney memories.

A Few Memories…

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