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First Look! Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd.
Skipper Canteen Restaurant in Disney World!

(The Jungle Cruise Restaurant.)

Thanks to Cindy Feavel for sourcing this story through the Disney Food Blog.
The Skipper Canteen is currently in soft openings! (Remember, soft opening means that there are no guarantees that the restaurant will be in operation during your visit and is not currently accepting Advance Dining Reservations. But, it IS occasionally open for walk-ups during this still-in-testing period!)


The official opening of the Jungle Skipper Canteen is set for Wednesday, December 16th.


I bet you’re itching to see what’s behind the doors of the Canteen, right? 



Alberta Falls welcomes you to the Jungle Skipper Canteen! Alberta, of course, is the granddaughter of Dr. Albert Falls, the founder of the Jungle Navigation Company, which was originally a cargo shipping venture.


When cargo business took a downturn, Alberta decided to open up cruises to passengers, thanks to the suggestion of one of her Skippers. The success of the Jungle Cruise business was so great that Alberta decided to open up the home offices to hungry cruise passengers, pre-or-post cruise!! And that’s where YOU come in…


Jungle Cruise passengers are seated in one of three rooms. The Crew’s Mess Hall or the more ornate Falls Family Parlor. For the third, Falls family history will teach you that Dr. Falls was a member of the Society of Adventurers and Explorers, or S.E.A., and he used to host fellow members in the once-hidden Secret Meeting Room of the S.E.A.



As promised, “World Famous Jungle Cuisine”  is on the menu at the Skipper Canteen! So what does that mean, exactly? Let’s take a closer look, section by section!  (By the way, the menu is the same for both lunch and dinner at the moment, and both meals are table service.)


The beverage menu features a mix of hot and cold drinks, including the headliner Punch Line Punch (‘cuz what’s any Jungle Cruise without one or eighty or those ;) ) and Schweizter Slush! Note that there is NO ALCOHOL on the menu currently. Those Moscow Mule cups are just for show.


The entree choices are impressively extensive! We tried the Char Siu Pork, the Skip’s Mac and Cheese, and the “Tastes Like Chicken” Because It Is!

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