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If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, be prepared to read a novel! Below you will find photo galleries for the various days of our Christmas Adventure in Disney World. Enjoy!
Warning: View at your own risk – we are not responsible for jealousy, envy, or any frustration these images may cause. Viewing these photos may result in uncontrolable anxiety and frequent urges to fly spontaneously to Disney World.

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As almost a social experiement (as far as I'm concerned), Day one photos were completely sources through an iPhone 6. Feeling a bit lost – since I had checked my large camera with Bell Services in the resort, it became a fun experiment.


Day one was a bit long, starting out with a wake up call at 2:30am, arriving at the airport just after 3:30 and flying out at 5:40. We arrived on time at 9:30 local time to beautiful weather – 73 degrees – and sunshine. 




Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Ride

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Another beatiful day spent in Magic Kindom… with a million other people. Yes, it was crouded, yes, more than ever before, and we survuved. However, we'd adjust some of the things we did - like we wouldn't try to eat lunch at a counter-service location AT lunch time. We know better, we chose poorly.


We finfished the day with a look at the Spectical of Lights at Hollywood Studios. Once again, words cannot properly describe this spectical… and it was. 



Splash Mountain – the Big Splash

Kali River Rapids

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