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It's highly advisable to get to the parks early, take mid-day breaks and stay late to avoid the businest times of the day.
Christmas in Disney World begins in early November and doesn’t conclude until after Christmas, in January.
Just because it’s Florida doesn’t mean it won’t be cold!
Expect good food no matter what time of year you visit, but plan to make reservations or wait… wait… wait.
Make it a priority to have fun, take breaks, and make memories every day!

Packing for Christmas in Disney World

No matter when you go, you will also want to remember to pack for the season. Check out the Winter Packing Tips for Disney below for more insight on what to take on our trip. Just because it’s Florida doesn’t mean it won’t be cold!



This is a no-brainer, even in the summer you wear jeans. If you’re visiting during the winter months, regardless of the forecast, you will want to pack at least one pair of jeans as a safety net. This is the case even if the forecast is showing highs in the 90s and lows in the upper 70s. If visiting for an entire week during the middle of winter, you will usually encounter at least one day of temperatures in the 50s or below.


Jeans are important to pack because they are the one thing you can’t really purchase on property to “make do” in a pinch. So, unless you’re keen on the idea of dropping $50+ on a pair of Disney sweatpants, just bring a pair of jeans. 


About half of the time on winter trips, you may not end up using it, but it’s better to have and not use than not have and need. It might be cold in the morning and at night, but it could also warm up to 80 degrees during the middle of the day. Here are some winter weather clothes recommended:


Fleece/Sweatshirt – sans or with hood a good choice most everyone has. Choosing one without a hood allows you more comfort in every ride situation, however with a hood allows you to cover your head in those instances when it's needed.


800-Fill Down Coats – specifically an 800-fill goose down coat because 800 is a higher quality of down, and compresses far better. The advantage of down over fleece is that it’s warmer (no synthetic is as warm as down) and takes up much less space. An 800-fill down coat takes up barely any room in a suitcase. 


These lightweight down jackets are not cheap, but you will realize just how ‘worth it’ they are that first time you compress one and it fits into a small spot in your bag. If you’re looking for some less expensive options, check out the 800-fill down coats on Sierra Trading Post, which is an off-season/overstock outdoor retailer with inexpensive and low stock inventory that changes frequently.

Additional Words of Wisdom

North Face e-Tip Glove – Post photos of Cinderella Castle lit up for Christmas to Facebook or Instagram without removing your gloves. Priceless. These gloves will keep your hands warm while allowing you to use your touch-screen smartphones. 


HotHands Handwarmers – These handwarmers are cheap and excellent when you’re waiting around for a parade or fireworks, and last longer than a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.


Ponchos – Not packing disposable ponchos is a cardinal sin if you’re visiting Walt Disney World any time of year (and down jackets do not take well to rain). Depending upon your sensitivity to cold weather and/or style preference, there are also other accessories you might want to pack.


Decorations – If you’re visiting for Christmas, consider packing some lights or other decorations to put in your hotel room window if you have the space in your luggage.A lot of people do this, and it can be fun!

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